Hello! And why I’m here…

I’ve decided to write this blog around the theme of personal development, innovation and business growth. I have realised how fortunate I am to be in constant dialogue and debate with ambitious and successful people all with a story to tell. As well as journaling my daily thoughts and observations as I have done for the past 5 years – I am now going to put them in this blog. I am a great believer that life is a gift and everyone should aim to make the most of it and pursue the things they live doing –  releasing passion! If you don’t like what you are doing change and go and do something else! Easier said than done – but interesting how many of the people I come across create their own rules for life and get on with it. They don’t sit around waiting for things to happen!

My hope is to get some debate and useful exchanges going here, so please – comment and tell me your thoughts!



10 Responses to Hello! And why I’m here…

  1. Louise Yates says:

    Hi John, I look forward to following your blog and learning from your experiences.

  2. Howard Swift says:

    John – you’re an inspiration. Best of luck with the blog. H

  3. John – you asked me to comment on your blog. Let’s assume that, as ever, I value your general views, so let’s do critical!:

    Set your blog up so that you see the most recent entry first – at the moment you have what should be in About Me as a sticky and it doesn’t work as well like this.

    Go for the jugular – very clear headline (more simple than in paper form) and maybe even an explanatory strapline, e.g: JOHN LEACH’S NEW BLOG
    – critique by his friend Malcolm Evans.

    Make sure you get plenty of real people and little stories in – it is the anecdotes and the daily “fit” with tales of life that make blogs come alive.

    – Good luck with it, talk soon. Oh – I noticed the other day that you were describing yourself as a “disruptive thinker”……it made me laugh as I think I’d be better described as a “disruptive b*****d”! Malcolm.

  4. Robin Hills says:

    Great blog! Great idea!

    All the best with this venture, John.

  5. John Moore says:

    I’ll make other business coaches and consultants aware of the blog.

    Keep it sharp and contraversal to shake out new ideas and to spark debate. Do fast growing businesses have time or need a busines coach?

    I’ll be reading with interest!


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