Mark Prisks Ideas on Supporting Entrepreneurs

I like Mark Prisks new ideas around creating the “growth hubs” to support small businesses. Providing a modern service by offering online support features significantly in his ideas – good stuff, but…….. the reality is entrepreneurs learn from other entrepreneurs and from people they trust – i.e those that have the real ‘licence’ to offer guidance . This means that whilst having resources online is part of the mix, you just cant get away from the power and effectiveness of coaching or mentoring. A service that relies too much on the digital channels could be a false economy. Real business support results from face to face interaction where there is mutual respect.


4 Responses to Mark Prisks Ideas on Supporting Entrepreneurs

  1. Paul Billington says:

    Can’t agree more John…trust, knowledge and reputation are the mantras in my opinion. Difficult digitally, simple face to face. Enjoying your blog, Best Paul

  2. Great comments John-
    1. How do we ensure that this government doesnt re-invent the wheel around Innovation and Business support and recognises what is good already?
    2. How do we get Mark to Manchester and show him what is good and already in existence?
    3. We seem to have done a good job during Vince Caable visit, but we need to gain some momentum here.

    • johnleachwp says:

      Hi Martino – I have already written to Mark Prisks office and I am waiting for a reply – bang on mate – so much good stuff we can build on John

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