Higher purpose equals greater success

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that businesses with a soul or higher purpose perform better than those solely out to make profit.  I have also observed this with many individulas who have enjoyed sustained success over the  years – they feel what they do makes a massive difference to their customers, community and staff. I came across a great article the other day about Tom Monaghan – the guy who set up Domino’s pizza. A devote Christian who applied the principles of his Catholic faith to create a global empire. He talked about treating all human beings the same and his mission to bring pizza’s to everyones house was a driving force for his life’s mission. Its an amazing story of a man who never comprimised his principles to achieve monetary gain.

When you have that feeling of what you are doing has a purpose – it really does make business/life/career much easier. Align the things you do to passion and the results are amazing. Added to this when you integrate integrity into the services or products you offer – the money soon follows! Why is this stuff not taught in management courses!


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