Reinvent or else…..

The economic pressures that many businesses and individuals are facing means that many us must think about doing things differently going forward. The cuts in budgets and hold on new projects being commissioned  will inevitably mean lean times. Charles Darwin’s quotes around survival inspire me – he said it’s not the fittest but the one’s most adaptable to change that keep going. Whilst there is still doom and gloom out there, the winners I think will be those with the mindset and mental toughness to explore and discover new ways of doing things – this is when creativity will play its biggest role. Do we go with the masses and lie down and decay? – a self fulling prophecy – if you think its bad, then bad is what you will get. The alternative is that we swim and against the stream, access the creativity that we all are blessed with and dig in and try lots of different things – its like panning for gold!

I think the trap we must avoid is being too close to what we do whether its our business or job – many of these situations lead to loss of real sight and appreciation. Stand back, disconnect for a while – investigate new perspectives – its funny sometimes how clearer things become the further you move away from them!

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