Business Support Online? Has someone gone bonkers?

I keep reading that a big part of business support going forward in the UK is going online. We can thank Doug Richards for this!? If he and the rest of his followers think the answers to assisting entrepreneurial talent lies in a web site then they are so wrong! Whist it has a role to play in access to information – real support only comes from peer-to-peer interaction, coaching and mentoring from individuals who have been there, done it and have the “licence” to advise. Numerous research studies have proved this as does common sense.

The real way to move ambitious entrepreneurs up the ladder of success is through tailored face to face advice. When you are growing a company or trying to keep one going, it can be one hell of a lonely place to be – it’s as much the emotional support as it is business advice. Making a step change invariably means the need to maintain a positive mindset, to be brave and mentally tough. You cant do this with a website.

2 Responses to Business Support Online? Has someone gone bonkers?

  1. Phil Cowper says:

    Totally agree with your comments John. Websites are great for online background information, statistics and research documentation but you cannot dehumanise the business support process.Managing and running an SME operation can be at times a lonely place,as you rightly say, and face to face dialogue and empathy in identifying and teasing out the real business or personal issues concerning individuals is absolutely key.Emotional support and experienced first hand advice from people who have fallen down one or two black holes in their business careers and managed to get themselves out, provides vital help to others to enable them to avoid the same pitfalls.You simply cannot achieve this effectively online and there is no sustitute whatsoever for good honest face to face support and mentoring.

    • johnleachwp says:

      Thanks Phil – “face to face support and mentoring” – thats what is needed and wanted! I am am really concerned about some of the measures that are going to be put in place – they are so disconnected from the SME world. I thought Mark Prisk ran his own business as well!

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