So what is the help for SME’s?

We have heard so much about the importance of SMEs to the revival of our economy. The drive to create more private sector jobs – so what is the new coalition Government doing about it. There is so much rhetoric about the support for entrepreneurs but to be honest I have seen little evidence of it. There is a constant restructuring of departments, quango’s and talking shops and very little about restructuring of services to support growth.

There is far too much talk about strategy with all these talking shops offering no added value. The last few years has seen public sector spending an enormous amount of money on research, mapping and understanding – surely there is now enough intelligence to just get on and do something about it. Get support to the coal face and provide the much-needed help to the SME. There are too many individuals pontificating about what needs to be done – lets shift thinking to doing!


2 Responses to So what is the help for SME’s?

  1. I’m currently half way through the LEAD programme at UCLAN, Preston. It’s a fantastic support to SMEs, but rumour has it that the funding for this is being pulled. What will be left for those of us that have been in business a few years, so don’t qualify for start up support, that can fit around a family as well?

    Thanks as ever for your excellent masterclass John. Inspirational for small businesses as ever.

    • johnleachwp says:

      Great to see you today. My reading of the situation is that all programmes are under going a review of value for money and – do they provide a return on public sector investment? All programmes are subject to this review is my understanding – so the jury is out! Lets just see – give me a call if I can help in any way – have a go at the personal orbit!

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