Entrepreneurial spirit is alive….

Spoke at an event today in Preston – a brilliant bunch of people so representative of the entrepreneurial community that keeps this economy alive and kicking. I was particularly impressed with one guy who said “I do what I do because I love it – it’s not about the money, the latter will follow if I succeed”. This spirit is so endearing and typical of the group of people who represent 50% of both jobs and economic output. This is what the next generation of entrepreneurs need to think about..follow your passion and the things that give you satisfaction personally and professionally.

Dragons Den is back on and no doubt The Apprentice will follow – both TV programmes do nothing for the next generation of entrepreneurs – both breed the wrong behaviours!


4 Responses to Entrepreneurial spirit is alive….

  1. Geoff says:

    Hi John, agree so much with the comment about Dragon’s Den and Apprentice they are dire.

  2. Karen Gould says:

    I attended your Master Class – Winning part of Lead at UCLAN and was impressed with your openess and frankness but loved your passion and honesty – with a sense of humour what more could a girl want?

    I went to a book signing today of my own book – GET BIRTAIN WORKING and whilst there gave a Workshop on CV – Nail that Job and I have been asked back – there are not funds available but hey like you said I enjoy it and it makes me happy – so I will for the time being give something back as long as I can.

    It is not always about money – but feeling valued and making other people feel valued. On my way out one of the Library Assistants asked me, If I could help with a Job Description Application and how much would I charge? I gave her my card and said what you would expect me to say – it is my pleasure!

    • johnleachwp says:

      It is not always about money – how true! keep flying the flag for SMEs – what a different mindset from winning at all cost – the behaviours that got this world economy in such a mess!

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