Three Dimensions……

Another great week of speaking to entrepreneurs at various events. What has struck me this week is the need for individuals to spend more time thinking about their personal aims and aspirations – then, align these to their business ambitions. It seems to me that there are three dimensions of the entrepreneurs mindset:

1. Thinking in the past – many companies are stuck in the thinking of – “the good old days” and have failed to move on. Consequently they and their businesses have stagnated.

2. Stuck in the reality of today – many entrepreneurs are living lives they don’t want to be living they are bogged down by necessity – but they keep going – they are real hero’s of the economy

3. Utopia – many entrepreneurs want more but they don’t know what they are looking for. They are seraching for a higher sense of purpose and meaning for their life. They must take time out to reflect and define with clarity their personal intentions. My advice is create the rules and live the life YOU want.

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