What goes around comes around

We must be mindful of the actions and tactics we implement on our road to success, they must be both ethical and respectful of others. Avoid making enemies of anyone within your community and indeed don’t ask someone to carry out a task you would not undertake yourself. Always aim to do the best you can and extend a hand of assistance to those that would benefit from your guidance. If you can spare time for others then do so if you can’t respectfully decline but explain why. However, don’t leave people feeling they have nowhere to turn so offer some form of advice that can at least help someone progress.

When we extend a hand of encouragement to someone, hopefully that person the same for others they encounter. Our aim should be to foster a virtuous circle of support that contributes to personal growth of ambitious people. By contributing in such a way your intervention becomes appreciated, respected and further down the line someone will help you in your time of need.

When you help an individual do it from the perspective of not expecting anything in return. Contribute because it’s the right thing to do. You must avoid the what’s in it for me culture? that has dominated society for so long.  A mindset based on a servant mentality will always win in the end. However be wary of those that just keep taking. If we feel our offering is being abused then its time to back off but again with candour explain your reasoning why.

Life in general rewards those that contribute and display positive inputs to those in need, like a boomerang the help comes back to support us in the very same way we intended to assist others.

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