The power of a strong personal brand

It is not uncommon for people to chose or buy their favourite branded goods and items, this is because we have an affinity with them both emotionally and functionally. This concept you must apply to yourself – personal brand. An ability to strike a good relationship is highly dependant upon the personal chemistry we develop with others. Successful people have a powerful ability to connect with others through their personality and personal power.

Start to cultivate your personal brand as the success of future relationships, partnerships and connections will largely hinge on how others view and perceive you. You can think of your personal brand on three levels:

Functional mastery – the expertise you bring and what you are good at. This element of the personal brand should articulate that you are accomplished at your vocation, trade or profession. Others to trust your judgement when you know what you are talking about

Social Mastery – this is the ability to communicate effectively with others and develop meaningful dialogue. The social dimension also extends to our personal networks with which we associate. Credible, honourable and professional people tend to maintain ethical and similarly professional company – all too often we can be judge by the alliances we have – so be careful

Spiritual Mastery – this relates to the how you conduct yourself, personal beliefs and values we maintain. Strong personal brands deliver on their promises, they are extremely ethical and transparent in how they conduct themselves and their life.

Think about your own personal brand and how you are perceived. Do the best job you can, develop an ability to engage with your community effectively and be a great communicator. Also be clear on what you stand for and don’t deviate from a strong ethical position. By doing this you will build a strong personal brand – one that others will want to associate with.


2 Responses to The power of a strong personal brand

  1. Keith Lomas says:

    Interesting comments John. When we are assesing people, do we cover all three areas of “Personal Brand”? I would suggest that the first two are what we usually analyse and rarely delve into the third. How well people deliver results and how good they are at communicating and relating to others seem to be the key drivers. Yet isn’t the third area the real key? I believe that ” Strong personal brand…. deliver on their promises…extremely ethical and transparent.. are the areas that will consolidate the values of “Functional” and “Spritual Mastery”. Todays climate seems to emphasise on what we can deliver rather than how we deliver. If we could give as much encouragement to individuals to have strong personal and ethical values, then their functional and social delivery will come from a much stronger base. Sadly, modern business practices seem to have deviated from these principles. What we deliver still has a far greater emphasis – irrespective of the personal mayhem that could have been caused in the process of the delivery.

  2. johnleachwp says:

    Keith – thanks I took a lot from your response – John

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