Deeds not words

Successful people develop a strong reputation for delivering results. Legendary sports men and women win the competition, great teachers ensure their pupils excel in their exam grades, accomplished sales people take home the order, medical staff who receive praise from patients care and winning entrepreneurs build profitable sustainable businesses. The ability to deliver what you set out to achieve and what you promise to others will have a massive impact on your reputation. Its how others will judge you, it also becomes a barometer of credibility, trust and capability. When you produce winning results you will have a positive impact on those around you. This in turn attracts positive situations and people.

However, all too often we come across Walter Mitty characters that wax lyrically about what they are going to do, achieve and deliver. Consistent failure and half hearted attempts to deliver the results become a predictable outcome. Then they proceed to use every possible excuse to explain why things did not go to plan. This pattern of behaviour repeats itself over and over – it is a common feature of under performers and of individuals who lack credibility. Over time their peer group and community fail to take them seriously, this can lead to becoming sidelined or maybe even excluded from new opportunities. Once branded with this reputation it becomes very difficult to break the mould of what people think.

Be careful as to what you say you will deliver as other will hold you accountable if you don’t come through with the result. Successful people build a reputation for being “reliable delivery”.

Be careful not to over promise and under deliver, always edge on the side of caution and under promise and over deliver. This will make you stand out from the crowd and position you as a credible individual who goes about their life with a focus on delivering results.

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