Best use of mind energy

It’s clear to me that there are so many entrepreneurs at the moment having a difficult time – it was great to hear a comment from a lady running a business who said – “recession I have decided not to participate”. Her company is doing really well and she avoids at all cost any negative environments. What she reads in the press she avoids personalising it as the reality is, she wants to control her own destiny. It can be so easy to be dragged down by what we read and listen to people talking about. If we allow negativity to bed into our mindset we can become extremely demotivated and create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I really admire those people who can detach from whats going on around them and focus their efforts on controlling the things they can. So many of us get caught up worrying about issues we have no power to effect – so maybe going forward we should divert attention to those areas that we can impact and not consume energy with the things we cant. Easier said than done – but like anything practice makes perfect


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