Support for SME’s….I am still waiting…

Given that this new Government is “committed” to supporting economic recovery by assisting SMEs – who for the record did not get us into recession – so where is it? All I am seeing is a macho approach to slashing budgets and unravelling extremely powerful business support networks. I can sort of appreciate cost cutting but what will replace the infrastructure that is slowly being dismantled? So many decisions are being made by individuals who just don’t understand enterprise and entrepreneurship – not at a granular level anyway. Its hard work and often demoralising – assistance is vital, and in my view support has been ripped away without any due care or consideration to the importance these organisations contribute to the economy. Banks open your wallets!

So far, I must admit I am not impressed –  the organisations that got us into the recession all seemed to have moved on, back on their bonkers salaries and bonus’. Lets get support into the foundation of the economy – SMEs!


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