Creativity and innovation – my theme for the coming days!

I have read so many policy statements on enterprise and innovation that they are now all reading the same. The resultant effect and conclusion is that none of them actually say anything. The latest pearl of wisdom is – “fast growing companies tend to be innovative” ????!!!!!. Other research tells us that great leaders are creative. What does this mean when we get out of bed on a Monday morning and all there is to look forward to is hassle at the office? These phrases are easy to use – but we must find a way of making these statements come alive:

1. What does innovative look like?

2. How do I become more creative?

3. How do I embed a culture of innovative in my business?

The reality is creativity and innovation starts with having a  mindset that thinks differently. We must train our mind to unlock new thoughts and ways of doing things – often we must challenge conventional wisdom and be courageous with implementing new ideas. I have decided to devote a couple of blogs to sharing some  practical routes to embarking on a journey of becoming innovative and creative! The starting point for being creative is clearing your mind and allowing the mental fog to lift – without this you can’t see new possibilities and options – sometimes the further we stand back from a problem the clearer it becomes! More to follow……………

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