Running a business in uncertain times

Managing a business in uncertain times is a horrible place to be both mentally and emotionally. The Darwinian principles can help to weather the storm – that is – those most adaptable to change will survive. There were some great words of wisdom from a bloke I spoke to in my local on Saturday night – he sold his food processing business several years ago. His view was – “I am old enough to have seen many up’s and down’s and recessions – it’s just the way it goes – if you are good at what you do and never compromise on quality most entrepreneurs will get through it”

I suppose this philosophy is not to far off what Jim Collins talks about in “Good to Great” – he says the best leaders face the brutal facts of uncertain times but maintain a strong  faith in achieving their vision. There you go – words of wisdom from one of history’s greatest minds, a chap from my local in Bury and one of the worlds leading management thinkers – a good spread there!

One Response to Running a business in uncertain times

  1. kexter oboh says:

    This is great..nice make up and i think this is very good…more from u…keep them coming

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