Making decisions

Success in whatever we do is highly dependent on the decisions we make in life, so it is vital that we nurture a strong sense of resolution when faced with evaluating options. Our inner voice has a major role to play in guiding the decisions we make, however we must trust our intuition if we are going to make best use of its power. Its effectiveness and benefits to us are maximised when we believe in ourselves and we know exactly what we want out of life. Successful people talk about using their gut feel to make important decisions, however this is only mobilised when all rationale thought has been exhausted and a final decision has to be made.

The best decisions are made when we ask the right questions, without being armed with the information we are unlikely to make the best judgement calls. Just going on what our inner voice is telling us can be dangerous so we should probe on both rationale and intuitive levels. By asking three questions we arm ourselves with the insights necessary to set a course of action. Before the next big decision, ask yourself:

1. Do the facts make sense? This requires you to assemble all the intelligence you have on the matter in question. This involves reading and speaking to people who you trust.

2. Does it feel right? This means that the decision should feel well-connected to your personal values. If it does not feel right it probably isn’t.

3. Does it sound right? Does it resonate in the right way? Does the verbal articulation of the decision sound right and comfortable. If the words don’t feel right again it’s probably not right

These three questions will help you to blend the very best of logical and rationale processes an intuitive feel. You must cover each of the three questions, failure to do so potentially leaves the decision down to chance. Great quote I picked up the other day – Never override your gut feeling!


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