TV Entrepreneurs – Are they setting the right conditions?

I have found myself to be a part of an ever-growing group of people that can’t stand entrepreneurial TV shows. Personally they make me cringe – several come immediately to mind. There is an argument to say that they put enterprise on the map and get more people thinking about going into business. Whilst I am fully in favour of this, I do think realism needs to be injected. All these big time Charlie’s become role models for the younger generation – do they really set the right tone by humiliating individuals with ideas? There is no worse crime than humiliating someone in public!

From what I can see they paint a picture of the brash and hard-nosed individual that sees nothing but pound notes, red Ferrari’s and yachts in the South of France. I think we need more factual TV around entrepreneurship – programmes that display the reality of running an SME. This means that sometimes you don’t pay yourself, working long hours, writing quotations, pitching, and networking due to the importance of building relationships.

Added to this, success in business doesn’t mean you need a ground breaking new idea or product, sometimes its just about doing things better. A programme based on these themes probably won’t reach 4 million viewers – however having said this, more realistic messages need to be communicated.

The next generation of entrepreneurial stars need to accept that the precursor to the Porsche is hard graft and risk.


2 Responses to TV Entrepreneurs – Are they setting the right conditions?

  1. Howard Swift says:

    You speak, as always, a considerable amount of sense.

  2. I dislike the shows you talk about. They promote all the wrong concepts about being an entrepreneur. I have long believed that until we teach and encourage entrepreneurial skills from secondary school age we won’t see the levels of people starting up businesses.
    There are enough support agencies around that could be utilised to forge such links with schools.

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