So what is the support for SME’s?

There has been so much talk about the introduction of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPS) and their increasing role in economic development. I have been in numerous consultations over the past few weeks and I am not hearing much about the specific help for SMEs. The discussions and debates have revolved around structures, boards, governance and partnership. Next on the agenda needs to be…. specific propositions and services to help SME’s grow. In particular help needs to focus on:

♣ How do I win more business?

♣ How do I access new markets?

♣ How do I build a clear vision and strategy?

♣ Where do I get funding from and how do I pitch my idea?

♣ What are the best forms of finance for my business?

♣ How do I differentiate my business?

♣ How do I build an effective team?

Fast-growing small and medium enterprises are vital for UK’s future – when are we going to get to the detail of what’s on offer for them? – I don’t think it will be addressed solely by a turbo charged website – anyone who thinks this is ultimate solution is wrong – its just part of the mix!

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