Napoleon Hill – What a guy!

In my opinion the grand father of personal development is Napoleon Hill – born in 1883 his insights to achievement are absolutely brilliant. His philosophy on those that dream and those that take action is just amazing. Here are some of his thoughts – an inspiration for us all. The below is taken from one of his lectures in the 1930’s – it’s so applicable to today……….

The majority of people never discover the difference between wishing and believing; nor do they recognize that there are six steps which people usually follow in using their mind-power for the attainment of their desires.

1.The  majority of people go through life wishing for things.  The percentage of people who stop at wishing is estimated at – 70%

2. The people who develop their wishes into desire is estimated at –  10%

3. The percentage of the people who develop their wishes and desires into hopes is estimated at – 8%

4. A  smaller percentage of the people step their mind-power up to where it becomes belief is –     6%

5. A very much smaller percentage of the people crystallise wishes, desires and hopes into belief, and then into burning desire, and finally faith – this  is estimated at: 4%

6. And last, a very small percentage of the people take the last two steps, putting their faith into action by (1) planning and (2) acting to carry out their plans – this percentage is estimated at only: 2%

The outstanding leaders in every walk of life are the ones in the sixth group. They recognize the power of their own minds, take possession of that power and direct it to whatever ends they choose. To these people the word impossible has no meaning. To them everything they want or need is possible and they manage to get it. The only trait which differentiates them from most of the others who accept failure as their lot, is that they recognize and use their mind-power for the attainment of the circumstances and things they want while the other do not.

How true is the above?  His words not mine – but an inspiration to us all!

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