BSC – Big September Changes!

I did not realise but now I understand why? – there are more new businesses set up in September than other time of the year. Why is this? Well I think the holidays and having the opportunity to get your head into a new space has something to do with it. When I come to think of it I am one of these statistics myself – having arrived back from holiday in August 2005 – I had decided that a new chapter in my life had to open – one that would allow me to release my passion – business set up in September 2005 – doors and till opened for trading in January 2006.

Come to think of it, coming back off holiday having spent two weeks in the sun putting back pints of San Miguel and rose wine – has been the stimulus for lots of new ideas – decided to write two books, develop new products and have a go at a whole raft of ideas – some of which do OK and  others are bonkers and would preferably rather forget.

The point is life is too short to go unnoticed (a quote from Picasso) – use the reflective time that holiday and the summer months have brought to try new stuff. All too often fear and comfort zones hold us back from having a go at something we have a deep desire to do – if it works then brilliant and if it doesn’t then at least you had a go – after all will it make a big difference in 100 years time?

What is your BSC!


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