The role of Starbucks in enterprise..

I spent this morning walking around Manchester going from one meeting to another. It struck me that every coffee shop I walked past was full of people with lap tops in discussions and most probably exploring new ideas and business possibilities. I would love to carry out a piece of research to investigate the impact Starbucks, Coffee Republic and all these other places have had on deal making, new business ideas and ventures. I am fairly certain that loads of enterprises have been set up and progressed in these establishments – these places without doubt stimulate and allow innovation to flourish.

At at time when LEPs are being put forward as the focal point for business support and the Government is looking for innovative ideas to help the next generation of entrepreneurial stars..maybe someone somewhere should have a chat with Starbucks and see how they can help. The new coalition Government may wish to invest in a load of coffee shops to stimulate even more entrepreneurial networking

2 Responses to The role of Starbucks in enterprise..

  1. Indeed, I fully agree John – coffee shops, gymns, airports & wine bars (!)…anywhere that entrepreneurs frequent and get into dialogue with other like-minded, passionate people could potentially generate a new, winning business idea. Its not so much about the building as the environment it creates.

    Creatives are big coffee (& Champagne) fans, I think its fair to say – so whether its a Skinny Latte in Coffee Republic, Manchester or a glass of Lanson in the bar of the Grand Hotel, Cannes – big deals have come about for the price of a drink.

    I’d say the mindset is all about sharing your passion for your business whenever and wherever you go – its a kind of in-built networking mechanism – which I know is familiar to you! The government definitely needs to grasp this – and encourage, even facilitate it. Maybe someone needs to research the top 10 environments where entrepreneurs actually do business – and find out what will help them to do even more….

    • johnleachwp says:

      Hi Nicola – “research the top 10 environments where entrepreneurs actually do business” – I think this is a brilliant idea! hope all the well John

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