Support for SMEs needs to start happening…

I must admit I agree with Len Collinson’s views in the press today – are the LEPs  just talking shops? I think it’s about time this new Government wakes up to the importance of business, enterprise and the role of SMEs. There is nothing new happening and there are no signs yet of support hitting the street. I picked up a statement from our Secretary of State for Business today – Vince Cable:

“We have hundreds of thousands of very good small companies in Britain, but they are going to have to grow rapidly in order to absorb people and keep the economy growing. If it doesn’t happen, the economic strategy simply won’t work.”

So what are you doing about it?  I am also intrigued to know who is advising on SME policy because there is a massive disconnect between what is needed and what is happening on the ground.

2 Responses to Support for SMEs needs to start happening…

  1. Phil Lewis says:

    John – couldn’t agree more. It feels like the new Government is so busy tearing down the old infrastructure that they haven’t fully thought through what the new one could, or should, be.

    This is a shame, partly because you can’t help but wonder how much SME support talent the public sector is in the process of losing – loads of people who worked (for example) for the NWDA or the Business Links, who know this stuff better than anyone. And, of course, millions of SMEs are potentially suffering from a lack of support at a time when by all accounts they need it more than ever.

    Clearly there were massive inefficiencies in the system as it stood, and these needed sorting, but reading your post I was reminded of that old saying: ‘it’s much easier to tear something down than build it up’. I wonder how much this will be true of our current Government.

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