Getting more out of our business, career and life…

I have been busy working and thinking about developing the success philosophy I have spent the last 2 years researching. As I have always said success is very much a personal thing and what it means to one person is different to another. Trying to create a model is beneficial and the world is full of them and I just can’t resist developing my own. The one hundred bits of the jigsaw for success published in June 2010 have now been wrapped up into a model consisting of three core components – I must admit this helps me to describe my philosophy to others. It came as a flash of inspiration when I was walking my dog “Buddy” over the Lancashire moors three weeks ago at 5.30am – a reminder maybe to us all that Eureka moments often come when our mind is in a different state – relaxed and clear from the mental fog that the working day brings.

Well as for the success model or “wrapper” – I think there are three parts:

1. Clarity – when we understand our personal intentions clearly its a motivator for action. However action here is the operative word without action there is no result. As part of achieving clarity we must prepare ourselves mentally for what we want to achieve – if your goals are ambitious also be prepared for a rollercoaster  ride. Expect the unexpected because nothing goes to plan – what is it you want? Are you prepared to change to get it? If you are not then its a dream!

2. Enablers – to get where we want to be we need to understand what things can get us there faster?  They are the supplements we need to keep us going and accelerate performance – they include practice, as practice makes perfect, personal brand, communication mastery, working as part of a team, developing leadership skills, innovation and creativity, functional mastery

3. Ethics – do things the right way and within the moral codebook – respecting others, humility, caring – always operating by the law of best intention

C.E.E. as I have now called it…I hope to write more about this in the coming weeks!

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