Content is King..

We are in an age where digital marketing is so important to getting visibility with customers, decision makers and connectors – social media, Twitter, blogging, web sites and all that other good stuff. I come across so many entrepreneurs that spend a fortune on getting their web site designed followed by SEO advice…… goes on.

One thing that is so often overlooked yet pivotal to making a digital strategy work is content – written, video, audio! If you don’t regularly upload content, then no surprises, people stop visiting the site. It takes time, effort and energy to create content and without it your site will fail to gain traction.

Making time to write and prepare material is so important. Just writing this blog makes me realise how much energy is needed. Your web is the window on the world. Not adding new content is a bit like watching the same episode of Coronation Street every night after your tea – a bit repetitive and boring !

If you are committed to driving a digital media strategy forward then “Content is King” – an SME needs to be devoting at least 7 hours a week to creating new content. Hard graft but it has to be done –  along with all the other things!


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