Competent is just not good enough….

The HR world constantly refers to the term “competencies for roles”. I think this is the wrong way of thinking about things. A competent performance delivers in my view business as usual. In an environment where staff at all levels need to out perform – just being competent falls short of the mark – businesses need to create conditions where people are fired up to challenge themselves and succeed in their job – irrespective of what that is. Enlightened businesses should allow a climate for people to excel through winning mindsets – this means that star performers are nurtured – the best in my experience embrace the following philosophies:

1.Strong personal clarity and set very defined intentions

2.Prepare and practice

3.Take control of their life and career

4.Have a plan and believe in action not words

5.Work as part of a team and collaborate

6.Learn to lead themselves and others

7.Earn the respect of others

8.Embrace an open mindset through creativity and innovation

9.Effectively sell themselves and their ideas

10.Go beyond “an OK performance” – deliver more than expected

I really would do away with the term competency!

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