Time to rethink how you think

There are a set of principles and philosophies that I believe lead to a winning mindset – one that delivers a fulfilling career, balancing both professional and personal aspirations. The scary thing is 80% of individuals want more from their business, career or profession, however the majority of people can’t define what more means to them. The starting point is to critically and honestly appraise your thinking and mindset in order to work out what needs to change – what is holding you back? How can you overcome the hurdles that are stopping you achieve more? We all must take time to rethink how we think – this means creating space to reflect on what your life and career means to you! Don’t leave it too late because time soon catches up with you.

When you find time to assess your values, attitudes and motivations it helps identify areas in need of transformation. If you want more from your life then you must define clearly your intentions, plan, then take action. Without these foundations, frustration and anxiety along with a feeling of being stranded in the wilderness soon take hold. In time, inertia and loss of direction soon overwhelm the way you think. This can be an all-consuming leaving you with a sense of emptiness – a mindset that can only be described as being a million miles away from success or winning.

I believe the following areas are vital as part of your reflective exercise:

  1. Clarity – Do you  know what you want?
  2. Mental Toughness – Do you keep going in difficult times?
  3. Take Control – Do you control your own life or do others?
  4. Take Action – Do you talk or do?
  5. Be a team player – Do you have a collaborative approach?
  6. Effective leadership – Are you a good leader?
  7. Build a great reputation – Do people respect you?
  8. Connectivity – Do you recognise that you are selling to get want you want?
  9. Creative spark – Do you make time for new thinking?
  10. The Extra Mile – Will you go where others won’t?

Your journey of discovery and change could start by asking some simple questions…..

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