Personal change is so difficult

Change in behaviour is so difficult at a personal level. As I wrote in my last blog, 80% of people want more out of life but the challenges are firstly, deciding what more is and secondly taking action to do something about it! Even when change means the difference between life and death many fail to change behaviour – here’s a shocking piece of research. In studies of patients who have undergone heart surgery, typically for a coronary bypass, only one in nine (11%) of people on average adopt a healthier lifestyle – the others see value in the need to change but do nothing about it. No wonder organisational change is like treading treacle!

On contemplating these facts and experiencing them on a day-to-day, basis personally and within my own network – I wonder if the need to change is based to a degree on self-awareness and the need to work it out for yourself? – sort of self discovery. It’s an area I find quite fascinating – to the extent that this weekend I put the finishing touches to a self assessment questionnaire aimed at getting individuals closer to three big issues:

1.Do I need to change?

2.What is it that specifically needs to change?

3.What I am going to do about it?

If anyone reading this would like a copy, I will gladly email it to you


2 Responses to Personal change is so difficult

  1. Phil Cowper says:

    Hi John, please send me the questionarre….I will fill it in for myself….as you know I am just reviewing how I want to shape the next few years to enjoy the fruits of a successful business career and am looking to invest in Phil Cowper (future time management independently and with Mrs C and lots more vacations) and my personal business plan.Good Blog… that should make people think….Cheers, Phil.

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