How did we win such a big project?

I have been asked so many times how we won a £10M project when our turnover was a fraction of the size of the contract we secured. Against international competition we won the largest European programme supporting 1,800 ambitious SMEs in the North of England. The nature of the contract was to assist entrepreneurs release their full potential for growth. The process of winning such an important piece of work involved us applying a formula for great selling one that has now been embraced by a number of financial and professional service companies.

Breakthrough selling is significantly enhanced when a company has a clearly differentiated offering – one that stands out from the crowd. This is the starting point, however on its own it’s not enough – sales supremacy is achieved when an organization can exhibit three core pillars, these include:

Functional Mastery – an intimate understanding of the market place, customer needs and how the products and services offered can solve problems.

Customer connectivity – an effective process for finding, reaching, winning and keeping customers

Momentum – fire in the belly and the desire to succeed at and individual and team level

Delivering great selling is based on FM x CC x M – score zero in anyone of these and the result is no new orders. Excel in each one and transformation soon follows!

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