The Big Silence

There is a BBC 2 programme on tonight at 7pm called The Big Silence. It features the former Abbot of Worth Abbey Father Christopher Jamison. It’s a three-part documentary following five people who attempt to put silence at the heart of their everyday busy lives and learn what to do with it once they get there.

I know Father Christopher – he’s a great bloke who has written two best-selling books – much of his thinking is reinforced by the research findings of management and leadership guru Jim Collins. Father Christopher has spoken to me about the power of meditation and stillness – I picked up two of his quotes the other day which reinforced his thoughts:

“Most people have a real contemplative urge but it is being suppressed by contemporary culture”

“When people enter their contemplative space beautiful and remarkable things happen in their lives”

This is so true, but so damn difficult to get into the habit of doing – there is a school of thought that says this is how we access our true creativity, which I personally believe in – with a 14 hour day, six day a week job, three kids and dog that needs 7 miles a day walking this can be so hard to do. Maybe getting up an hour earlier 4.30 will do the trick!

3 Responses to The Big Silence

  1. Do you like to work in silence? I know it’s off topic, but I need it to work properly. I prefer music but it gets distracting.

    To get my silence, I’m getting up at 5.50am three mornings a week to do boot camp John and that’s early enough for me. I use the time in the car – 10 mins each way to get some head space. It’s vital thinking time…. Here’s hoping you find some time for silence today….

    • johnleachwp says:

      Hi Liz – I can do silence in small bursts – living in a busy house, noise is part of everyday living – its weird when things are quiet. Best times for me are the early morning walks across the Lancashire Moors – I feel quite privileged to see pheasants and roe deer before I go to work – does help with clarity of thought.

      Full time silence would however do my head in!

  2. sue clement says:

    Hi John
    Last nights programme was soul destroying for me. I have profound deafness, and it is so hard to live a normal life when sound makes no sense at all. What would I give to be able to go to a noisy place and actually HEAR what was being said.
    Full time silence really does do your head in. Believe me!!

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