Discover Your Uniqueness

Every person has their own set of unique talents and gifts. However, many people have great difficulty in articulating or displaying what they are – it is these nuggets that help to build a point of difference. Communicating what is special about us or what we offer is particularly pertinent in competitive situations. Standing out from the crowd is often a critical driver for success.   All too often our authenticity is masked by our inability to clearly define our personal and professional proposition. In the business world entrepreneurs refer to their unique selling point, this concept is transferable to many situations we find ourselves in life – for example, being interviewed for a new job, auditioning for a role in a play or applying for a university course. Our ability to win can be reliant on us differentiating ourselves from the competition. When you find yourself in one of these situations just remind yourself that others probably want exactly what you do! So what will you do to gain the edge?

You must condition your mindset to understanding what makes you unique – it is a question that at some point in your life you will be asked – your success may depend on your answer! You need to deliver a response that is powerful, engaging and passionate. When you have a clear appreciation of your authenticity it gives you confidence to pursue your goals and accomplish your mission in life. Work out your Unique Proposition Statement by exploring:

  • What is it that makes you unique?
  • What are your unique talents?
  • What makes you special?
  • Why should others listen to you?
  • What attributes do others value?
  • The successes you have already
  • The impact you have had on others

Summarise in 300 words your reflections on the above. By going through this extremely powerful process you will gain greater insight to your personal competitive advantage. Once defined and clear in your mind what exactly makes you different – just observe how much more success you attract!


2 Responses to Discover Your Uniqueness

  1. Thank you John, for this inspiring post. I’m off to change our home page, in the next 30 minutes.

    What is it that makes you unique?
    My great range of contacts – from the NHS, suppliers, small business and national brands – coupled with my broad range of experience. When we provide consultancy, we share our ideas with one client at a time. For example, we have just one swimming school client in Cambridgeshire. We’ve been approached by other swim schools locally, but wanted to stick to what is working for us, and our clients.

    What are your unique talents?
    I spot opportunities for people that they have missed and facilitate bringing them about for them.

    What makes you special?
    I like working with people and helping them and their businesses succeed.

    Why should others listen to you?
    Because I know my stuff. And when there’s something I’m not up to date on, I find people who are and connect them to my contacts.

    What attributes do others value?
    My honesty. That we deliver on time, within budget and exceed expectations.

    The successes you have already?
    Bringing consultancy clients significant print and online exposure, writing award entries that get people onto a shortlist of 3 and generating income for other people’s businesses.

    The impact you have had on others?
    We have a really positive impact on our clients. We make them more confident, more accessible to online and offline media and we increase their bottom line.

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