High Growth Businesses – How to…….

I have spent the last four weeks reading strategy documents about the new system for supporting enterprise and innovation – to be honest the whole experience has left me feeling somewhat punch drunk. I certainly hope that in the next few months we start to see support at the coal face that delivers what high growth entrepreneurs and businesses really need. The issue is this – growth businesses are set up and nurtured by human beings with courage and a determination to succeed, they also have a viable commercial idea (although not always 100% brilliant). However, why are there so few truly high growth companies ? Most I have met have a thirst for practical advice from others who:

  1. Have been in their position
  2. Have experienced similar challenges and got some answers
  3. Can signpost to trusted advisers and networks (suppliers and customers)
  4. Can open doors to new opportunities
  5. Can help set out a business game plan and make it happen

Myself and the network of other business people I know just want answers on, How to……

  • Get more focus into their business
  • Create a plan that delivers the results
  • Get all directors and stakeholders wanting the same thing
  • Build a high performing team (thinkers, doers, controllers and sellers)
  • Select, recruit and retain effective people
  • Incentivise high performance
  • Find more customers and sustainable revenue streams
  • Find effective routes to market
  • Get better financial controls into the business
  • Run more efficiently
  • Overcome the rollercoaster emotional feelings that go with running a business
  • Stand out from the crowd

It goes on, I have a list of over 300 how to’s catalogued over the past 5 years. I find it amazing that so many policies and strategies for SMEs are divorced from the day-to-day of how to.

Only 6% of our nations SMEs are truly high growth – they create some 50% of new jobs. The reason why these organisations are scarce is two fold – firstly, its hard work with few willing to take on board the emotional and financial stress of it all and secondly, assistance so often needed is not easy to come by – it must be specific (often granular), tailored and delivered by individuals with the licence to do so! Its more than going to web site!


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