The Power of Humility

Humility is a highly engaging and endearing human quality. Someone who is humble connects effectively with other people. This results from the personal chemistry they quickly build with other individuals.  They are the opposite of aggressive, arrogant, boastful and vanity. Someone who exhibits humility is truly comfortable in their own skin – they are confident in themselves, are fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses and treat everyone as an equal. To some humility can be viewed as a sign of weakness, however it is a powerful and invisible force – when combined with a strong sense of ambition and professional will it delivers extraordinary personal progression. Success, be it wealth, power or status without humility, breeds bad feeling, fear and anxiety. Victory within the framework of humility brings harmony to individuals, teams and organisations.

When you embrace a mindset that is grounded on a sense of humility, it provides:

  • A greater self-awareness because your ego does away with opinionated views
  • An ability to empathise with your community as it removes any ideas of inferiority or superiority
  • A vehicle to communicate more powerfully because your words reflect your passion and the real you
  • Opportunity for personal growth because of a heightened state of awareness of your shortcomings

Cultivating the behaviour of humility needs to become an integral part of your success journey. Some simple steps can be taken to do this:

  • Study the speeches of great leaders past and present and observe how humility is woven through the fabric of their approach to both life and mission.
  • Embrace a spirit to serve mentality. By considering ourselves as serving others we groom our mind to recognising that we are doing good and adding value to those we consider important
  • Be aware of the words you use to describe your achievements. Do away with indulgent terms that appear boastful or arrogant.

Humility is a necessary quality for success, in a modern world where rhetoric and ego’s seem to have dominated society, returning to fundamental principles of just being a nice person can only be a good thing. By incorporating this way of thinking you will broaden your appeal to others in your community. Read Jim Collins’s  Good to Great – he confirms that humility is a key feature of great leadership!


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