Personal change… shift your mindset

So many of us want to achieve far more from our life, career or profession. This means lots of us seek to:

– Achieve a promotion

– Win the next big contract

– Set up a new business

– Change career

-Invest in a new project

-Make a new appointment

This list goes on – the dilemma is that many think about it but how many take action to do something about it?  A dream without action is nothing more than hallucination. I meet so many people wanting to achieve more but too few implement the necessary actions to get what they want out of life. I see three states of thinking:

1. Total oblivion about the need to change to get more – daylight trance

2. Recognition of the need to change but….no action taken

3. Recognition of the need to change and just getting on with it!

Too few sit in state 3, so many of us sit in either 1 or 2! (as many as 80% of us). We must nudge ourselves to changing our mindset and behaviour to get want we want from life. Finding a coach/mentor can help with a change in the way we go about things – doing what you always have done will give you the same result – only by making a conscious effort to change will you get what you want. Dont fall into the trap of dreaming – take action!

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