High Growth – its hard work!

There is so much talk at the moment about the importance of high growth companies and their contribution to the economy – The Vital 6% (Source: Nesta)– i.e. SMEs  that create up to 50 % of new jobs. So what is the challenge? Whilst these companies are so important to the wealth of our Nation they need specialist guidance and help that is so often out of the reach of traditional support mechanisms.

I have decided to write a series of blogs this week that focus on the needs of high growth entrepreneurs. My thinking is based on over 10 years research into what high growth companies do – more specifically what makes them special as individuals. teams and companies.

High growth often equates to personal risk, courage, bravery, endurance, mental toughness, self belief,  single-mindedness, customer focus, innovation, creativity – not surprisingly only a very few individuals go on to build a high growth sustainable company – its damn hard work and soul-destroying at times. Those involved in supporting this special group of companies need to recognise the specific needs of this challenging set of people.


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