Working out your values – A fast track

Working out what makes “you” or your company tick in terms of accepted values and behaviours can take ages. I know for a fact that many management teams agonise for weeks and months, just trying to define the organisational spirit  – the invisible forces that collective add up to culture. This is what determines the atmosphere and environment that we work in – do we love getting out of bed or is it a chore.

If you are the leader of your organisation you often have the privilege of setting the values because they are an extension of who you are as a human being – but at the end of the day organisational effectiveness is achieved when everyone is aligned to the same core thinking as to what is and what is not acceptable.

If you want to fast track the definition of your personal or organisational values then there is a simple exercise you can conduct – try this, either individually or with your team. Ask the simple question:

What behaviours really get on my nerves? List….

people who avoid returning calls, arrogance, people who talk down at me, people who don’t fill up the kettle, leaving dirty cups in the sink, individuals who humiliate others in meetings, not being asked for a brew, not keeping in touch…..keep the list going

When you/your team have exhausted the list start to group common themes. You have now started to define those  things you don’t want to see in the business or with those you deal with – flip them to define your values in other words ……greed become giving, arrogance becomes humility, inertia becomes momentum.

Pretty simple but it really does work!

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