Single sentence propositions

We have all been in sales situations where someone asks, so “what do you do?” Does your response resonate and is it expressed with total clarity. All too often people ramble on about what they do and the recipient just does not get it at all! As I have written in other blogs we are in an era where features and benefits selling is just not enough – it’s about getting across the impact of your proposition and being able to evidence the results your products or services have achieved. Todays environment of information overload demands that we get our message and point’s over very sharply and concisely such that we get the attention needed to progress  customer interaction. With that in mind we should all be thinking about “one sentence propositions”. In other words putting a wrapper around our offerings that communicates just exactly what’s in the tin and the difference it can make….as well as giving evidence i.e who else says its great other than yourself. One sentence propositions (of which you may have many) needs to be embedded within all your customer touch points – it also presents a great way of getting uniformity across a company the value proposition – what to say and how to say it. Here are some examples:

We design and deliver web sites and integrated social media platforms that provide a 50% increase in website traffic, it’s now being used by 25% of FTSE 100 companies

We provide process control devices that deliver a 50% of fuel savings, it has been approved by 5 of the largest utility companies including…..

Whiskas, eight out of ten owners say that their cat prefers it (remember this TV ad)

The key is always to demonstrate impact (return on investment or interesting statistic) and evidence by pointing to others who can endorse what you are stating – keep on doing this and observe the impact it has on customer connectivity!

It takes time and effort but is well worth the effort. Write it down until you are happy with the sentence – in many instances you will have many offerings each of which need this treatment.



One Response to Single sentence propositions

  1. John, you’re so right and it reminded me that somebody asked me ‘what do you do’ and I ended up writing a book about it!
    I still haven’t got it right after years of trying especially when we have so much diversity.
    Recently it has become clearer and speaking less can actually say more, it’s getting to the point that counts.
    Keep up the good advice. Thanks.

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