Conversations are vital….

It is vital that we dont lose sight of the art of having conversations with customers, influencers and connectors. It is easy to hide behind tweets, blogs, emails and Facebook – these are wonderful tools to accelerate who we connect with and they do indeed provide the platform to position ourselves as thought leaders.

Having said all this, the art of social mastery and the ability to hold face to face discussions and get our messages across with passion and belief are critical in business development. Experts say that 70% of a customers decision to buy is based on personal chemistry – but why are so many entrepreneurs fearful of picking up the phone and having a discussion with a potential buyer? Its so much easier to write an email or do some stuff on Linkedin and avoid the phone call. Remember activity delivers results use the digital channels but dont forget to pick up the phone. No one will beat a path to your door unless you are very, very lucky – its about putting yourself about and having loads of conversations with those that may have an influence on issuing a purchase order! Dont hide behind your lap top screen!


2 Responses to Conversations are vital….

  1. Fully agree. People buy People.

  2. Fantastic Blog John, thanks. Totally the ethos on which we are building our business.

    Always great to have some reminders and more positivity for our team.

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