High Growth Companies – the missing bits

I have spent the last two hours reading the OECD report on high growth businesses. What a load of old nonsense! I would love to know how much money is spent on evaluation and researching what is so obvious to those immersed in the world of supporting high growth organisations. The +200 page report states that innovation is the key to high growth??!! What a surprise.  The same conclusions could have been derived from spending £150 on books in Waterstones.

Understanding what it takes to build a high growth business requires policy makers to get closer to the how to questions – ambitious entrepreneurs need help on very, very specific matters, more specifically on:

  1. Creating and crafting a differentiated proposition that stands out from the crowd
  2. Developing an effective vision, strategy and plan
  3. Embracing and driving innovation into the processes and functions of the business
  4. Leading and driving change
  5. Building a great team – thinkers, sellers, doers and controllers
  6. Embracing the right mindset – how to cope with the crap that comes with growth
  7. Living in the customers world and delivering services and products that capture need
  8. Embedding disciplined systems & processes including managing and raising finance
  9. Becoming great at selling and getting the sales engine in place
  10. Finding connectors that can provide the answers – getting a mentor

I hope that the ridiculous amount of time, money and resource being spent on thinking about the support structures LEPS, RGF.…will eventually get to a point where the experts and high growth companies are consulted. Lets do away with positioning and politics and start to answer the real issues and get the services and support in place i.e. those that drive growth. Individuals that have been there and done it can only deliver this

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