Business support going forward

What got into recession will not get us out of it – SME’s are the unsung hero’s of the economy and they are crucial to getting us out of the mess those big boys got us into. Well its time to show them the respect they deserve – the banks are not lending (unless you are willing to put every penny you have on the line as security) and as far as I can see the LEPS have no money and other help has gone on hold. What is going on? Where is the business support? The answer lies in coaching and mentoring from individuals who have been there and done it – support to entrepreneurs from entrepreneurs (who have felt the pain) is the key !

One Response to Business support going forward

  1. John
    I agree that we will need more Coaching & Mentoring and who better than those that have been there and done it…. and a couple of additional points.

    There is a diffenerence in application beyween
    Coaching and Mentoring that is important to note.

    A Mentor can lift their “mentee” to the same level as their own experience…’ish.

    A Coach can ensure that the client used their own skill, resources, energy, etc….to exceed that achieved by the Coach.

    The example that we use on our ILM* Coaching & Mentoring course is that of Tiger Woods..
    When he started playing golf, he mainly needed a Mentor, someone who knew what to do and showed him the technical stuff.
    Now that Tiger is the worlds best golfer, he has a coach, someone who can now work with Tiger to help him find the improvement within himself.
    And in both areas, Coaching & Mentoring, there are skills that need to be learnt, sometimes good intent and enthusiasm is not good enough, maybe even dangerous !!
    Good techniqhes in Listening, Questioning, Feedback, etc.
    Keep up the rantng John 🙂

    *Institute of LEadership and Management

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