Time for reflection….then take action

As all the pre-Christmas hype, hustle and bustle starts to clam down and the year draws to a close, maybe you should create some space to consider and reflect on the year and what 2011 holds for you. The year has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for many companies, some have sadly fell foul of the unfortunate market conditions whilst other entrepreneurs have embraced change and used it as a way of forcing new ways of doing things. I am a great believer that the true creative spark is ignited when we are forced into a corner with what seemingly appears to be no way out – this feeling for many drives new behaviours and what I call Critically Important Actions. Many successful people I have researched anticipate take action well before they are caught in this position – however, this is not always possible!

On balance I think the winners of 2011 will be those that drive their markets and customers, they don’t just sit there and wait for crisis to happen – they take control, lead effectively and force new ideas through. With this in mind can I suggest time for reflection – ask yourself:

1.What needs to change?

2. What must I do to change it?

3.What can I learn from 2010?

4.What 3 things should I focus on in Q1 of 2011

5.What does success look like on 24th December 2011?

6. Get on with it….after your well earned break!

Take some time out to rethink and de clutter your mind. Find clarity and then get on with it – but as all those that know me – the mantra is: don’t spend too much time thinking about what you are going to do – get the balance right – 20% thinking, 80% doing.




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