The lure of the red Ferrari

So often all we see from successful entrepreneurs is the red Ferrari or some other fancy thing they own – an Island in the Caribbean or private jet. Whilst this can be an extremely motivating set of visuals for the aspiring entrepreneur, I don’t think these material items should be driver for going it alone, they should be the outcome. As with all things it’s about balance.

I feel the focus for any new business or wannabe entrepreneur should be launching a differentiated product or great service that delivers customer delighted or solves a problem in the market place. The reason I use the flash car analogy is because of a young lad I was talking to the other week, he’s taking a rather innovative entrepreneurship qualification – I asked him, “so what’s the business idea?” – answer, I don’t know just want a red Ferrari. I certainly hope the course is teaching him the importance of having something to sell! I also pondered on the issue of – do these business/enterprise courses teach what really happens when you are running a company? – Dealing with awkward staff, trying to pull money in to pay the VAT bill, preparing for a large tender or quotation till the early hours, telling someone there is no bonus money in the pot – the reality of running a business I fail to find in any text book. The best advice and teaching comes from people who have been there and done it!

What we so often don’t see from those who can afford the well-earned luxuries of life is – what happened when they where training in the gym – often battered and bruised from the daily hassle that comes with keeping the lights on. Having a commercially viable product or service forms an important part of the equation the other part relates to endurance, mental toughness, going the extra mile, faith, coping with loneliness, self belief – I hope these things get on the curriculum as all too often you need both commercial and mental strength. Without these things the red Ferrari might just remain a dream!

Great quote – “there is no traffic jam on the extra mile” – sometimes being in business can be painful but that’s just life – the great bits are brilliant!


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