Stepping out into the unknown

My research over the last few years has focused on the whole arena of success and as mentioned in other blogs so many people I know want more from life. However they just cant define clearly what more looks like. This desire for achievement and fulfillment but not knowing what it is, can be motivationally debilitating – even after long periods of reflection our goals just seem so fuzzy that personal clarity moves even further away.

I think we live our life in chapters and each phase of our existence is characterised by three key mlilestones:

1. Arrive – new horizons

2. Stay – enjoy the time

3. Move on  – time to try something new

But where is it we want to arrive at or move on to? Sometimes we just have to step out into the unknown and see what new opportunities present themselves, who we meet, the places we visit and the experiences we feel. It is this stepping into the unknown that can be quite a scary period. For those who have lost their jobs or businesses that have failed to realise their potential – there are times when we just have to believe that the next big opportunity is around the corner – but believe it with conviction. This conditions our mind to tune into the next stage of our life, one that provides us with a sense of purpose.

Don’t spend the rest of your life trying to find what you are looking for. A vision and strategy are very important but sometimes you just have to step into the dark – using the first draft of the plan as your guide. Its like a voyage of discovery – you know that there is something out there, not sure what it is but without taking action and exploring you will never find it. Would Christopher Columbus have brought the Americas into the forefront of Western attention without leaving the port – does a Paratrooper get his wings without jumping eight times (day and night) out of an aeroplane? Would Amy Johnson have made the contribution to aviation without taxing her plane on to the runway? Woven throughout the fabric of each of these remarkable people is – bravery and courage, and pushing our ambitions one step beyond.

When we want to achieve something or we are looking to move to the next chapter of our life – just go for it, explore, discover, and keep an open mind. Stepping out into the dark means that sometimes you have give it a whirl because fortune often favours the brave. Time is ticking away so give it a go – leave the port or depart from the airfield.



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