Use your daily journal

I started my career as a chemist. The one thing that gets drummed into you when you study and practice a subject like this is always have your notebook at hand. Well this has stayed with me since 1986. I have made a massive commitment to using a daily journal. I use it to make a note of how I am feeling, what I see and the wisdom of brilliant people I meet.  Little did I know but some amazing people used notebooks as part of their life – Leonardo da Vinci, Ernest Hemingway, Picasso, and Einstein. If it worked for them then I am sure it will help me!

I have shared some of my thoughts on note taking with delegates on talks that I have given over the past five years and there are some great examples of how keeping a daily journal has delivered some breakthrough results. People talk about how their goals have been achieved and new ideas and projects have come alive as a result of writing things down. Sounds so simple but the reality is when you put the pen to paper you almost make commitment with yourself to take action. Over time your ideas and diverse thoughts start to coalesce into new propositions and ideas that can be progressed. It takes time and self-discipline to write things down but when you do it some quite amazing things happen. For me I ended up writing my second book and building a high growth company.  Both came as a result of keeping a daily journal – it provides focus on what matters and helps in delivering new possibilities.

Try it  – buy yourself a notebook and make a point of writing down what’s going on around you. What you want to achieve, your goals and ambitions – get it on the page, believe it and see what a difference it makes! It’s quite incredible. I would have never have believed something so simple works!



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