Expectation builds reality

One thing that has come clear from the ambitious high growth entrepreneurs I have been involved with is they tend to think in a very different way to those who experience more modest achievements. The former are able to constantly change the way they think and adapt to new challenges and circumstances. They never lose sight of what they want to achieve and they relentlessly pursue what they want – both personally and professionally. In Jim Collins book on Good to Great – his observations where that great leaders face the brutal facts but never lose faith in what they set out to achieve.

The report of the Polar Bear in yesterday’s news that swam continuously for 9 days (in near freezing waters) in search of stable ice and food reminded me of the endurance that I see in so many driven and successful entrepreneurs – they just keep going. And as in a famous Winston Churchill quote “when you are going through hell, keep going” – this sums up what I am increasingly observing in growth wish entrepreneurs. What I also should add is they know very clearly, just exactly where they are going!

I also see many entrepreneurs just plod on, no ambition and generally a negative attitude to the world. Whilst this is OK (if that’s what someone wants) the resultant effect of this mindset is that their business hits a wall. In contrast to the other entrepreneurs I described, this second group often find that at some point reinvention is vital or the inevitable will take its natural course.

There is a clear pattern in the high growth entrepreneurs mindset – it’s the expectation that they will achieve what they want, ultimately this shapes reality. This was summed up in a wonderful quote from a young lady well on her way to business success – recession, I have decided not to participate!

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