Be clear on your personal intentions

Goal setting has been around for years and there is nothing new about the concept. However, I believe that the term is too easily used and indeed its over used. What I mean by this is, its easy to say that you have a goal but how real is it? How emotionally and spiritually are you connected to it? Is it more of a wish? I am desperately trying to get away from the term because personally I think it’s a bit of a tired phrase. Many individuals say they have a goal, however they remain to convince me that its firstly, really what they want and secondly they are behind its achievement with energy, drive and focused activity.

A more powerful way of thinking about your goals is to define your personal intentions. For me this captures a more potent and motivating way of thinking about what exactly it is you want. The road map to achievement must flow from your personal intentions – it should guide your actions and prioritise the projects that will get you there – wherever there maybe.

When personal intentions have total clarity a set of other invisible, yet highly powerful forces flow – for example:


1. Purpose – you know exactly why you  are doing the things you do when your intentions are clear

2. Mental Toughness – you will keep going because what you want is has a meaning

3. Passion – achieving what you want gets you out of bed with gusto, no alarm clock needed

Ask yourself are the targets you set yourself as part of your New Year’s resolution goals or deep-rooted personal intentions – have you delivered on them or have you given up? Monitor your progress against them



2 Responses to Be clear on your personal intentions

  1. Murphz1 says:

    Do you have any examples of ‘Personal Intentions’ that can be quantified – i.e. achieved or not?

    • johnleachwp says:

      Hi – thanks for the comments. “Personal Intentions” must mean something very specific to the individual. I believe they need to be precisely stated. Added to this you should know what achieving them looks like. Example’s would be:

      I will be my own boss by May 2011
      I need to clear my mortgage by August 2011
      I will be awarded my Phd by the time I am 35
      I will lose 2 stones by Christmas 2011
      I want to win that £500K contract

      In these examples I think its very clear whether you have or have not achieved them

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