Try to be flexible


Flexibility can improve your effectiveness in many different ways – reputation, building relationships and credibility to name but a few. Individuals that consider their way to be the only way can be extremely difficult to work with on both a professional and personal level. Going the extra mile will frequently require you to display alternative ways of working, one that does away with a single minded viewpoint. Your attitude of mind should be one that accommodates different perspectives to achieve the desired outcome.

We often value more our colleagues who are flexible – this is because they can understand our viewpoint, listen and then work with us to attain mutual satisfaction. If it is your intention to lead or win over the views of others, you must be flexible in your thinking, attitude and work style. In some instances this may feel uncomfortable. As you progress through life and your career, you will come across many different personalities success means that you may have to adapt your approach to suit the situation.

Be conscious of the way in which you interact with others – do you dismiss views too easily or do you embrace them?  Even if you do not agree frankness and openness with a respectful reason why, will demonstrate clearly a mindset of flexibility.

Flexibility is also an important element of an engaging personality, it involves being reasonable with an ability to bend your thinking whilst not compromising personal values, self control or composure. Do not subject yourself to the whims of others as this projects the image of being a yes person. When you are flexible you are able to take prompt action in acquiring opportunities. The openness of this mindset also attracts others to you because constantly saying no can be off putting and close doors that could otherwise be opened.