What has the world come to?

A bit of a deviation from what I usually talk about – my respect and passion for SME’s and entrepreneurship. I got a call this afternoon an elderly lady in a panic who had just returned from a very enjoyable day out with her friends in Manchester. It was my Mum – someone had stolen her purse with £80 in cash, a picture of my late Dad, her diary and other bits and bobs important to her. They then proceeded to take an additional £200 from her account.

What sort of person could do this? How can they live with themselves? What did their parents teach them? Where is their life heading? Do they have respect? How on earth could anyone do this to an old lady?

These people really do need help….




5 Responses to What has the world come to?

  1. Howard John Swift says:

    If your mum’s like mine, she’ll probably be feeling quite foolish now for having let this happen. This would be a mistake: she’s the victim not the perpetrator and thus deserves sympathy and not derision – and that includes from herself. That was *my* thought for the day. H

  2. This is awful John, the same kind of thing happened to my Nan when she was alive. Someone came to her back door while she was set next to it, and stole her handbag from next to her feet!! Any word I would like to say for the person who did this to an elderly lady should not be published online! We can only hope Karma is real, and they will get what they deserve. It also does lead to a good debate around nature and nurture. In my opinion however, there is no excuse.

  3. jcmbusiness says:

    Unfortunately there’s very little you can do about it other than rant.

    Hope your Mum’s ok

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