Business Balls Up – Ten Easy Steps

How often do we lose the plot with our businesses? It is so easy for confidence to take a turn for the worst. Here are my top ten tips for making a complete cock-up of your business:

1. Let your ego take over when things are going well. Your head will get so big getting through the door becomes a challenge

2.Lose sight of the short-term issues such as cash and the customers world

3.Dont bother to look to the market horizon, just convince yourself everything will stay the same

4.Empty the till every year when you make profit and fill your pockets with the dividends – an investment in Spanish property seems like a great idea.

5.Allow underperforming staff to carry on underperforming – just convince yourself that things will get better. No need for a one to one home truth chat – that may just seem like confrontation.

6.Convince yourself that your website, social media and other marketing activities will do the trick for winning new business. Spend less time in customer face to face meetings and keep on sending the emails. Avoid picking up the phone because customers will knock on your door

7.Make price your competitive advantage and keep lowering them to win the business.

8.Avoid investing in personal development – embrace the mindset that all that stuff is for tree huggers

9.Ignore the opinions and views of staff/colleagues views and stop communicating – you know best.

10.Monthly management accounts and KPI’s will sort themselves out – leave it to luck and avoid driving the bottom line. People should only be expected to work 9-5 its important for their work life balance, after all its your duty to keep everyone in a job.

I could go on. Of course I am not guilty of anyone of these easy steps because I know it all. What was point 1 again? How familiar does this sound? We all should take a reality check and take stock of whats going on in our business and marketplace. Self awareness and humility are a pretty important component of leadership – so is saying things as they are. The minute you try to please everyone you please nobody.


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