Be prepared – Sometimes it can be crap

I am really encouraged by the new Coalition Governments attitude and approach to enterprise and entrepreneurship. Start up’s are the future, they will create the jobs. But one word of advice is that being your own boss can be demanding and at times take its toll on you personally and potentially your family and dependants – it’s stressful. Most people who know me will appreciate that I am a passionate and proactive ambassador for entrepreneurs who go out there and take a risk. So much of our recovery as an economy depends on individuals with an idea who can take it forward with gusto – generate revenue, profit and create not only a wage for themselves but also for others. It really is not easy.

My advice to anyone who is thinking about, going it alone, is get your HEAD IN GEAR. As long as you are prepared then you will be OK. Being your own boss is great when you are riding the wave of success but the lows can be at best crap – it’s a bit like a rollercoaster. As long as you know this you can be mentally prepared for the journey. The high’s include:

– The feeling of euphoria when you win the new contract

– The pride in creating new jobs and seeing individuals develop

– Recognition from your peers about the difference your business is making

The lows often involve a sense of just wanting to escape to somewhere well out-of-the-way, particularly when you are:

– Worrying about whether you have the cash to pay the wages

– Waiting to hear about a new contract that has cost you a fortune to bid for

– Dealing with people who are making your life really difficult, sometimes people look to you for the    answers but you really don’t have them.

So my advice is get your head sorted, expect the unexpected, accept its going to be full of surprises, ups and downs. When you realise this it’s a great journey. Always maintain the faith in what you set out to do, accept the brutal facts and just keep pushing and pushing till you get to the destination.  Its going to be crap at time but that’s just temporary the highs massively shadow the lows!

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