Is the fire alarm going off?

So many of us hear the fire alarm going off but how many of us do something about it? The research has shown that when a fire alarm starts people do not react immediately, they hang around talking and working out what is going on. Most individuals wait for more specific clues – smoke or the smell of burning.

Well I liken this to life and business when the alarm goes off do something about it before it’s too late. How often do we think nothing is the matter, but the bell is getting louder and louder. This could include:

1. The employee not performing after six months of support, training and assistance – we think it will get better but it wont – we just hope it will, don’t kid yourself

2. Business costs are running out of control…keep on and you will run out of cash. Too late then.

3. Strategic partnerships that are resulting in they win, you lose. You think it can get better but guess what? it wont!

Sometimes we don’t want to believe that crap is happening and we think all will be OK. Many of us avoid having difficult conversations or meeting reality head on and taking action.  As human beings we ignore the fire alarm, and put our head in the sand. But still we are surprised when the inevitable happens.

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